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The value of having One-2-One with over 1000 CIO's annually The value of having One-2-One with over 1000 CIO's annually The value of having One-2-One with over 1000 CIO's annually

Extensive assessment of your IT and Business Technology Environment

Extremely effective and streamlined process to analyse and benchmark your IT

Effective Execution

Our highly standardized method in a two-hour meeting.
And just 48 hours later we’ll deliver high-quality reports.

Concrete Business-Driven Results

Comprehensive assessment of your existing Business Technology and IT environment. Assessing business supporting advantages and potential development needs. Documented in a compact and visual BT Monitor Assessment Report ©

Comparison against your chosen reference group

An opportunity to benchmark your current situation and development plans against chosen reference group or pairs with a detailed BT Monitor  Benchmark Report ©

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Listen to what your colleagues think

Report Overview

Opportunity to benchmark your own situation and development plans against chosen reference group with detailed and broad analysis. Targeted primarily for the  top management, IT and financial management and development management as an effective planning and development tool.
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Report Overview Details

BT Monitor Benchmark Report

    • Detailed analysis of organisations’ IT environments’ current state, challenges, technology and vendor selection plus planning and development project prioritization.
    • About 100-pages report based on Biztech International’s unique information database consisting of detailed ICT- and Business Technology-related information from hundreds of organizations in the Nordic countries
    • Solution areas covered in the report include :

      Applications & Solutions

      • Solution Map of your most important business solutions
      • Financial Control
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Web Services
      • Processes and Resource Management (incl. ERP and HRM)
      • Business Intelligence
      • Messaging & Collaboration

      IT infrastructure

      • PCs and Workstations
      • Business Mobility
      • Systems
      • Data communication and Networks
      • Printing environments

      Each of these solution areas are analyzed from 3 angles:
      1) Maturity assessment
      2) Functionality assessment
      3) Solutions, systems and technologies

IT Services

    • IT Service Management
    • Workstation Management
    • Systems Management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Network Management
    • User support

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BT Monitor – Assessment Report© is a comprehensive, effective and straight-forward assessment of your own existing IT environment with business supporting advantages and potential development needs documented in compact and visual report. See details
Report Overview Details

BT Monitor – Assessment Report©

  • A 25-page summary of the answers, assessments, views and strategies that were recorded during the customer interview covering:
    • Business alignment of the present IT environment, applications, solutions and services
    • Maturity analysis for all solutions areas including respective development projects
    • “Pain or gain” index combining both the total value of solutions for your business and the need for its’ development. Index is based on maturity, functionality and satisfaction.
    • IT services production model
    • Business Intelligence
    • BT Roadmap summarising all development projects in a single, time lined view

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Business Technology Monitor Benchmark 2013
Business Technology Monitor Benchmark 2013

Let’s talk!

We have in-depth knowledge of the IT environments and development priorities of large and mid-sized organizations.  Our experienced consultants meet and interview more than 1.000 CIOs annually.  We have unique insight and intelligence of solutions, applications, services and infrastructure in use.

  • We meet with over 1000 CIO’s every year
  • We operate in the Nordic countries and are expanding fast
  • Our consultants have an average of 20 years of ICT experience

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