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Biztech International is the fastest growing IT market intelligence operator in Europe. We create exceptional value through intelligent market information and help our customers make smarter decisions. From the thousands of CXO precision interviews we conduct annually with European IT decision makers, we provide valuable market insight reports, technology articles and state-of-the-art online tools for our subscribers. Become a Biztech information service subscriber today – and stay ahead of the game.

Data is the new oil in a fast-moving digital world.

Data is the new oil in a fast-moving digital world. Accurate and reliable Market Intelligence data representing the high octane fuel to stay ahead in pace of competition.

Bad data equals bad information and bad information is expensive. It causes in-efficiency, missed opportunities and a pure waste of time and resources when working with clients.

The value of information increases exponentially when quality parameters are in place, fragmented data is consolidated and information is accessed easily.

Biztech has developed a state of art methods, models, tools and technology framework to identify relevant data, convert fragmented data to information and provide it quickly and efficiently. Helping you make the right decisions and stay ahead in the game!

Biztech Market Intelligence Reports

The Great Cloud Rush

Biztech has been researching the European CSP market now for 3 years. Now we are ready to share the findings with you.

If you want to enhance your view to this interview data and get the filtering options (country, size of the organization, industry), please register.

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Top Microsoft, Amazon, Google Service Providers
Looking for the best rated Azure -service providers in the region? Here they are.

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Biztech Market Intelligence Programs

European CSP

European CSP Network 2018 –program is digging into the Cloud Service Provider landscape in different countries and regions.

European CIO

This is the best in breed information service of current IT environments, technologies and solutions gaining momentum and future development road maps focusing on large and medium sized End Customer organizations.

Nordic Top500
Digital Agenda

Nordic Top500 Digital Agenda 2018 –program is the most covering and extensive survey ever – focusing on the current situation and development initiatives with digital transformation.

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