How about joining

How about joining the fastest growing IT Information Service in Europe!

Biztech is the fastest growing IT –Information Service company in Europe. We are operating already in 10 countries across the continent. Our unique service concept is based on thousands of customer interviews conducted annually, in order to map the current situation and development road maps on the radar screen.

Format is simple: By participating in 3–4 annual current topic phone interviews – you will be provided a stream of market reports covering some of the most current topic areas in IT. Including new technologies gaining momentum, service provider ratings and development ideas and initiatives in the pipeline. All this in a compact visual package. Strategic partners for this Biztech Information Service are some of the leading technology vendors in business. So, participation for you is totally free of charge. Only requirement is a small time investment few times a year. One interview does not take more than 10–15 minutes.

Our customers are capitalizing on the Biztech Information Service in several ways:

  • Following new trends and directions compared to own operation
  • Benchmarking own environment
  • Making technology choices and deployment with right timing
  • Evaluating Service Providers
  • Identifying new ideas as fuel for own development initiatives
  • Building connections with leading vendors in desired solutions areas

After participating in three interview rounds, you will get your personal access to Biztech Information Service -online dash board.

It will provide you a dynamic regularly updated online information tool in up to 15 different solution areas. Capitalizing on daily market information topics will not get any more easy than this.

Welcome and join the service! Request additional information by sending an email to and we will contact you shortly.

Download information package pdf.